6/11/12    I'm afraid to Jinx it.......

As I had previously posted, I was riding a bike and using the Abdoer Twist in my living room to begin the process of getting a move on with the slow process of recovery.  And it was having interesting results in that I could do the bike for a reasonable period of time and actually walk after.  Since that time, I've had some interesting twists (no pun intended).  My right leg, the injured one, has been very slow in healing, making me realize just how badly I injured it.  My left leg, the one more affected by the MS, is hard to determine how its coming along because the right leg is so weak. 

I finally went to see a doctor about my injured right leg.  An MRI revealed I tore the PCL on the right knee and in the process of dislocating the right hip, it has caused a disruption in the ligaments giving me a clicking sensation and causing me to have a pain reflex and fall down.  One fall was at a casino, so I guess I let that opportunity to cash in slip away.......

The doctor ordered Physical Therapy for my right leg, so I started going to a rehab clinic 3 times a week.  Also a few weeks ago, we took a weekend trip over to Lake Powell. Despite the cooler weather that weekend, my son really wanted to play in the pool.  I ended up playing around with him in the water and found that taking some weight off allowed me to move my legs around quite freely.  I even reached a point where I could stand with the 170 pound beast riding on my shoulders.

On the drive home from Lake Powell, my wife and son convinced me to join the new gym that opened up in town.  It's a national chain, has a rock wall, all kinds of sport courts, a pool, and a million exercise machines.  So between the physical therapy and the pool work, I somehow have ended up becoming a bit of a gym rat again. 

Now to confuse the story a little more, I'll add another element.  A friend recently told me about the benefits of taking iodine.  A few drops a day to help clean things out, he said.  I figured it couldn't hurt.  so I added this to my good food, protein rich, magnesium and other supplement diet. 

Fast forward a couple of weeks now.  After a few weeks of therapy, pool work (i.e. walking, running, jumping, squats, etc. in the water), and iodine, here's what I can report. 

1) I go into the gym with a limp on my right leg.  I come out limping on my left.  The right loosens up and strengthens during the workout, but the left (remember it's more affected by the MS) fills up with lactic acid and feels like I just finished a marathon.  Both legs are becoming stronger though.

2) I have been coughing up more mucus than I have in years.  It's gross but the cleaning out effect is quite remarkable. 

3) My urine is dark and smells awful, and no clear urine has passed in a couple of weeks.

4) My bowels have been dark and gross as well.

5) I feel stronger overall in my body than I have in 5 years. 

6) I've put off posting to the blog because I don't want to jinx it. 

I can't put it off anymore.  Too many people follow this and have requested the update.  So I'm breaking down and posting the update, reporting that I feel pretty darn good, the left temple presence is minimal except during the hardest workouts, my legs are both strengthening, and perhaps most notably, I am sleeping through the night without having to go to the bathroom.......more consecutive nights than I've had in a long time.