11/29/10 Second Report to Dr. Arata on Progress

A copy of the email I sent today.


I received the CD of my procedure last week. Thank you (or whomever you need to thank) for sending that. Friday the 26th was my 30 days post procedure, so I’ll report to you the progress thus far.

As to my progress, the following areas are where I have found improvements:
1) My left leg remains stronger in doing things like bending down to pick things off the ground, and last Wednesday I developed a leg cramp in my left hamstring while swimming strenuously. Normally one wouldn’t think that was good news, but I thought it was given I haven’t had enough strength in my leg to get a cramp there.
2) My left leg remains stronger in my walking gait, but not a lot of change in my stamina in how long I can maintain that. I am still very clumsy if I try to jog and still can’t run. I can, however, jump in the air and spin, landing 180 degrees turned. I can do this both ways.
3) Swelling in my left foot remains gone and my ankles remain about the same size.
4) My balance remains about the same as previously reported.
5) My bowel is very close to normal. Previously I thought it was almost corrected, but I have had some small issues with this. I don’t think I get the very early warnings of bowel movement; I think I am getting perhaps the third or fourth warning instead of the final warning where the emergency is happening. This is still quite an improvement over before, because I don’t have to spend each morning making sure all is clear before going out. I can pretty much tell now.
6) Headache – or lack thereof – remains unchanged.
7) My eyesight remains about the same as my previous report.
8) My breathing remains unchanged from last report. It is clearly much deeper and fuller.
9) I don’t feel dehydrated. Even today when it was quite cold and I didn’t drink anywhere near as much as I usually do, I didn’t feel dehydrated in the body, just a little thirsty.
10) My leg fasciculation, tremors, and spasticity are all but gone. Little ones now and again.
11) Heat intolerance appears to be greatly improved, though it is pretty cold now and I don’t have much ability to test this.

Other Issues I am unsure of or have not improved:
12) Still no change in sleep
13) My bladder control still has not improved. Smell and color have been consistent since last report.
14) My left leg tingle seems to have subsided since last report.
15) My heart rhythm has remained sinus since last report. I have gradually increased the intensity of my swimming workouts.
16) If I put the ball of my foot on a step or slight ridge, my legs (both) will shake. I remember this was one of the original things the neurologist would do to test the involuntary movements of my legs and one of the initial things leading them to believing I had MS. I don’t think this has really changed.
17) I still see varicose/spider type veins on my knees, interior sides. This is still mild, no change.

Thank you again. I will report back in another 2 months.

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