1/12/11 Re-stenosis?

Since my last blog post I can clearly feel a receding of my improvements, and I have begun to notice something beginning to happen in my left arm. I feel a little bit of numbness and tingling in my left thumb and index finger every now and again. I thought it was from driving or too much computer time, and it still might be, but I wanted to make a record of it so I can remember if it gets any worse.

Anyway, these series of events I think shows 2 things:

1) The CCSVI surgery isn't a placebo. Improving blood flow seems quite profound for us MS folks and I was so thilled with my progress for the first month that it was unconditional proof that I was recovering. I would do the surgery again in a flash, because the improvements and progress so outweight the risks.
2) There is more to keeping our veins open than we thought, and hopefully over time we will really learn what is required to keep these iron deposits out of our heads (assuming that is indeed an accurate theory).

I am not sure what to make of it at the moment, but it does seem that my veins are not allowing the good flow they were. I am in the process of scheduling with Dr. Arata to go and have another MRV and possibly get some blood flow scans, then discuss what we need to do to keep the veins open this time around. I have a stent in my Azygos, which is why I think I still see some improvement, but I think my jugulars have re-narrowed. It's tough to imagine a life with 50 stents in my body, but maybe it won't be that bad. I figure I'll have a few more at least if/when I go to get the surgery done again.

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