2/3/11 Ughhh, waiting is tough

As I noted last week, my second CCSVI surgery was halted because of the inability to enter the catheter into my left jugular vein with the tools and equipment available in the outpatient surgery center. We are currently awaiting scheduling of the third surgery to be done at the hospital. I am currently injecting the prescribed anticoagulant medication twice a day while I await notice.

I have paroxysmal atrial fibrillation that began about 2 years ago. I first got the A-fib condition in 2008 following a hernia operation. As a side note, the hernia arose from straining to evacuate bowel waste because of MS. I was getting the a-fib condition about once every 2 weeks for a day or so initially, and then it tapered way off to once every month or 2. During the summer and fall of 2010, it seemed the frequency had increased to about once a week, and was being brought on by strenuous exercise, which in my case is swimming for 90 minutes 3-5 times a week with a swim team. It didn’t go out of rhythm during the exercise; rather it was happening as the heart rate came down in the 2-3 hours following.

There are a number of reasons for a-fib condition, and I believe one of them is a loss of atrial prime as a result of venous hypertension. This seemed to be confirmed when my 10/26 surgery eliminated it for at least 6-8 weeks. I didn’t have a single episode following my CCSVI surgery until I started noticing my symptoms returning, even when I swam. I was exercising frequently and things were definitely on the right track. I think my blog clearly reflected this. When my MS/CCSVI symptoms returned, my heart began to go in and out again, and when I swam it was worse. This prompted my return visit to Dr. Arata last week.

My heart went out of rhythm this past Sunday and is still out today, making this the longest a-fib episode I’ve had yet. Since my surgery last week, I am waking up now with much larger headaches than before and a general feeling of being worn out for a good hour or so after I get up. After I shower my legs are wobbly for an hour or so and my heartrate is elevated and out of rhythm. It’s taking until 10 or 11 am to feel like I can get moving, after which I spend the day working somewhat normally. I am 100% certain this tough week is a relationship with my left jugular being almost totally occluded, and I am pretty certain I have some kind of cause/effect relationship going on in my body between MS, CCSVI, venous hypertension, a-fib urinary issues, bowel retention, and the inability to properly absorb water.

Right now I am quite concerned about the arrhythmia as I usually am able to get it back to sinus rhythm in a day or so, especially if I take some aspirin. I don’t know if I can or should take aspirin while on these anticoagulants, and I am also unable to really do any exercise as this exacerbates it, so I feel like I am in a bit of a downward spiral.

I don’t think I am in an emergency situation, but I am not sure what to do while I await the next surgery. Should get some answers here shortly, but waiting is not something I've ever been much good at.

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Hi mike my wife and i met you and your wife post-op at Dr arata's clinic feb 28 th our names don & debbie from Nanaimo bc Sorry to hear you are still waiting.Now i see what you are doing here i will document our ms journey and post at a later date. Small improvements for us so far.