6/1/11 Forgot to mention the heart!

I forgot to mention my heart in the last post.  For about 6-8 weeks now, my heart has been in sinus rhythm and working beautifully well.  Even in Big Bear, at the high elevations, and even with a few drinks like beer now and again.  Exercise and diet still important, but I think somewhere in there the combination of upping the magnesium and lowering the calcium, and some recovery time since my extended stay in the hospital back in February has done well.  I think the blood flow has improved so there is a reduced loss of atrial preload.  Whatever the reason, I am so much more productive and positive with my heart working properly lately and my attitude toward recovery is so much more positive.

We're seriously looking into the hyperbaric chambers, and we are becoming more hopeful that the CCSVI and HBOT combination will keep me moving in the right direction.

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