4/11/12  Riding a bike like old times

I had another visit at Mayo Clinic yesterday with a cardio-thoracic surgeon.  I'm always so amazed at how prepared these doctors are when they walk in the room to talk.  Most of the time they know more about me than my parents, and this visit was no different.  I discussed the symptoms and we discussed the risks.  Overall I am much better off since doing the CCSVI in Oct 2010, but not as good as the height of my recovery toward the end of last year. 

Doc looked at my latest intervention on 2/28, and he thought it was a good thing that my right jugular was huge and though my left side was occluded, it had formed a good sized collateral that seems to be relieving the pressure somewhat on the left side.  We had a nice lengthy discussion, almost an hour, and his final offering to me was that the surgery could be done, he'd be willing to do it, I'd likely survive it, but he'd have to go into my chest to attach to the inominate vein or the superior vena cava whic increases the risk and lengthens the recovery, and also it would very likely disrupt the collateral that has relieved some of that pressure.  Most of all, he felt the risk of loss of patency (i.e. the vein staying open again) was not good.  In short, he felt that I was clotting the left jugular because the flow dynamics were simply not calling for it, and it was closing up essentially from lack of need. 

Who knows if that's right or not, but it does represent one plausible theory.  So that's two Mayo Clinic doctors recommending against another surgery.  Still waiting on some more appointments.

So what's this about riding a bike? 

I have an exercise bike in the living room and I ride it in the mornings while watching TV.  I get my pushups in and I do my abs on my abdoer twist, and get myself pretty limber, but since I hurt my right leg on the dirt bike again, I haven't ridden the exercise bike.  Now, I have to admit that part of the reason I don't like the exercise bike is because I usually ride it for 10 minutes then have to sit on the couch for an hour or so because I can't walk.  Well, in the ever changing world of the wonderful disease, suddenly I'm riding this bike like I used to before the disease.  All last week and Monday and Wednesday of this week I rode for 30 minutes or so and got off fully walking and able to carry on with my day.  I've also noticed that my ability to hold urine has improved a little and that the bowel seems to be heading back toward less constipation and more control.  Small improvements to be sure, but noticeable. 

I haven't been able to ride a pedalling bike for any length of time for 2-3 years or more.  Now suddenly I can ride the thing for 30 minutes and get off and walk around.  What gives?


deej said...

Thanks for posting news, Mike. Many of us are reading and keeping up with all your events in this journey.

Anonymous said...

Do you clench or grind your teeth? Check out a study by Dr. David Williams -a dentist in Alberta, Canada and a study done by Dr. Tammarie Heit - a dentist in Edmonton, Alberta both in relation to CCSVI/MS