10/28/10 A Day at Disneyland

Our son Jake had a class trip planned for today to Disneyland, so we all went to the park. I still find it a little bizarre that my surgery ended up being the same week as Jake’s school trip, but we’ll leave that explanation to the coincidence gods.

I found my legs still had the same sensory control but then realized just how long it had been since I walked normally. I am stupid and apparently have quite a short memory, so I tried to navigate the park like nothing has been awry for the past few years. My legs were tired from all the walking and step-ups from the day before, and they fatigued early and often. It was tough to walk the park for any length of time, but I think it was pretty amazing to have spent about 6 hours in Disneyland 2 days after surgery.

My ability to navigate the crowds (i.e. the sensory input and balance corrections) from my feet was just fine, and all the fatigue in my legs felt like it was muscular atrophy, not neurological signal loss. I don't know to prove or disprove that, but that's how it feels. We’ll see as it progresses.

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