10/28/10 I forgot about my poop!

I was so enthralled about my legs yesterday that I forgot to report on another exciting development concerning my bowel. Now, reading a blog about taking a poop is not something most people would want to read about, but I know that people with MS are interested because it often pertains directly to the situation. Warning: this is descriptive, so if you don't want to read about this crappy subject, don't!

When I got up yesterday at 7, I tried to move the bowels as usual. I didn't go, so as I often do when I can't go, I use a finger or an emema to get things moving, because I don't like having accidents. And Disneyland certainly wasn't a place I wanted to have an accident. I didn't have an emema with me and the finger didn't produce, so I was a little nervous that an accident might be imminent in the day.

At about noon, I had a feeling in my rear end I hadn't had in a long time. I felt like I had to take a poop. Now usually when I get this feeling, it is because the turd is heading out right now, and I have to find a place fast and get it out before I have to perform the patented "hand carry" I have developed and perfected over the past couple of years. Yes, I have crapped in my hand more than once, and I've had pellets fall out of my pants leg too. It isn't that fun at the time, but it is kind of funny to talk about it later on.

Anyway, I was near a bathroom, so an accident wasn't inevitable, but this trip was just amazing. Out of habit, I ran (figuratively) into the stall and sat down, bracing for the event. To a normal person, this poop - the first after surgery - was a non issue. To me, this was the greatest crap I've taken in 3 years. It was normal. It came out normal. It flowed normal, complete, and I felt relief inside after. It wasn't a bunch of bear pellets or a pile of brown slosh flowing all over half the bathroom. It was a normal looking human log. And it was more evidence that my body was liberating.

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