9/26/11 6 weeks are up, time to get going

Last Friday was 6 weeks postop.  The neurologists are happy and Dr. Stone, my vascular surgeon, says we're good to go bungee jumping if I want to.  Now, I'm not so sure about literally jumping off a bridge attached by nothing more than a shock cord, but I do have some items on the agenda to get rolling here.  First up this weekend was a little motorcycle riding.  A group of people we know rented out the Sandy Valley Motocross track on Saturday night for a birthday party, so I thought that would be a good time and place to start the exercise.  

While the 23 year olds and others with some skill jumped their way around the track, I putted around as best I could given a 6 week postop absence of activity.  I rode both my 525 dual sport and my 300 2-stroke (both KTM's of course), to just see what the differences and similarities were.  The 300 is so much lighter and handles the ruts betters, but the 525 just has so much more torque for getting going on the low end.  I got about 30 laps in for about 90 minutes of exercise.  It felt good.  I sweated quite a bit and it felt great to just get out and do something physical.  

Sunday came and my arms and neck were really tired and sore, so I guess that's a good thing.

Got up this morning and rode the stationary bike for 20 minutes then walked down the street for about 2000 feet.  In the past, after the bike I have had to sit down and get some strength back, but today I could do both reasonably well.  I still have some wounds in my leg not healed yet though.  Of the 15 incision areas, I still have 3 that haven't quite healed, so I'm not free to hit the pool yet, but I am looking forward to that too.  

For the next few weeks the goal is to get off the Pradaxa anticoagulant (3 months postop) and slowly get some exercise going, then when the wounds are healed, increase the pace.  I'm sure when the Pradaxa is out of my system the healing will increase even more, especially the wounds.  

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