4/14/14  Just a quick update.........

Weight: down to about 270-275.  High was 315 +/- when gluttonous nutrition began.
Jeans: 42's are out.  40's in for some middle relief, very close to needing a belt.  Almost to the closer which is the 38's.  Extra innings might be 36's but I doubt it.
Bladder: larger, more volume.  Urgency and relief same.
Bowel: as normal as I could imagine.  Unreal how awesome this is.
Heart: Fully sinus since November 6th, 2013.  That's about 16,500,000 beats all in a row.  Even more unreal how awesome that one is!!
Legs: weak.  Damn I wish I could see some sustained progress on these.  I get little glimpses of good here and there, but other bad days.
Attitude: Skewed recently as a result of some major challenges at the office.  Seem to have resolved for the most part, so let's see.......

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