8/11/11 Pre-ops good, cleared to cut

Thursday I went through all my pre-op visits such as the anesthesia consult, chest xray, labs, the leg vein mapping, and the last visit with Dr. Stone. All cleared and good to go.

The surgery is simple enough: cut my neck open and take a look at the size and condition of my veins, then slice open my left leg and steal the greater saphenous vein. Then filet the vein and wrap it around a metal rod in a spiral (a bit like a paper towel tube) so as to increase the diameter, then reinsert the new, wider vein back into my neck. Simple enough for me-I just am scheduled to lay there while these guys do it all.

One last thing......if the vein below the jugular (the subclavean) isn't good enough to tie into (i.e. Not big enough, then there will be an added step of cutting my chest open to reinsert the jugular directly into the Superior Vena Cava just before the atrium. Awesome. Hope we get to do that extra step just so I can say I fully experienced this.

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