8/18/11 We Added Videos

Thanks to my 13 year old son, Jake, we have uploaded the videos of this journey to the blog.  Most of the footage is from October of last year, just before and just after the first CCSVI surgery on October 26, 2010.  I was so thrilled with the results initially, but this incessant clotting of the left jugular has been an unbelievable trying and frustrating time.  Every time I had a procedure done to open the vein, it would improve my symptoms just like those seen these videos.

I didn't take much video during the period of clotting, i.e. January through August this year, because it was always the same thing....feel better for a day or a week, then experience the let down of a re-clot.  Now that my vein has been reconstructed and we're hoping like crazy that this one took (heading back next week for the follow up), we did a video yesterday after this amazing major surgery.  I was weak in the 8/17 video, but I managed to walk 2000 feet in our neighborhood and get footage of my improved gait.  It is readily apparent that my walking has improved.  Just compare it to the videos of before October 25, 2010.

For me, there is absolutely no question as to the correlation between having flowing, circulating blood, and improved symptoms.  Some who have done the CCSVI may not have experienced this, but we often question how many people have re-stenosed, clotted, re-clotted, etc.

Enjoy the videos.  Now that Jake has figured this out for me, we'll add new ones as we continue to recover from the last surgery.  You have no idea how much I want this to be the last one I have to go through and I can get to more healing.

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