8/13/11 Finally a Break - Chest Remained Intact

People, myself included, generally think of the Mayo Clinic as a place for really sick people. And while that is probably a well founded stereotype, it sure is hard to beat for top quality care. I can't think of a single aspect of this visit that didn't completely obliterate so many other facilities. From the important things, like finding out it took 4 surgeons 4 1/2 hours to complete my procedure and also learning they liked my subclavean vein enough to graft there instead of having to cut open my chest to the little things like having a second bag for your shoes so as to avoid dirtying your clothes stuffing it all into one bag, this experience was phenomenal.

I first learned about the chest remaining intact as I started to wake up. The relief I felt was just huge. Though prepared for it, learning I didn't have to go this one major last step was unreal. It's also a real testament to Mayo and their approach. As one of the surgeons who busted me post-op said, "if you're going to give carte blanche authority to a surgeon, you want it to be here." Well said, I thought.

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