8/9/11 Let's see if I can make this harder

Surgery is Friday the 12th. It's quite an involved surgery so I thought it would be good to exercise everyday until I leave for Phoenix Wednesday night. So I rode a 80-90 miles over 2 rides on Saturday and another 50-60 Sunday. I took the bike to work Monday. We got to our old standby spot at Eagle Ranch for a quick run down the power line trail. One of my riding buddies couldn't make it and another fell over the weekend so it was a perfect set up for a nice easy cruise down the trail.

About 30 minutes into the ride I was rounding a corner and a fairly large boulder came up quickly. Bang went the front wheel and boom went the back. Soon I was flying and coming to the realization it wasn't controlled flight. Impact was swift and the gear did it's job, but my right shoulder was hurting pretty bad.

We quickly realized I wasn't going to be able to ride out so we called for help. By midnight I was home sleeping on the couch with my arm not moving too well.

Just what I needed. Separated shoulder to add to the challenge. Oh well, I guess this will help keep me from trying to get back on the bike too quickly after surgery.

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