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I recently received an email from a good friend and fellow pilot, who is an attorney and has a biology degree. He requested that I not post his actual email, but indicated I had some flaws in my discussion on white blood cells digesting foods. Here is my clarification of that.

My form of MS is RRMS, (relapsing remitting), meaning the body gets an attack periodically which leaves a residual symptom manifestation or a new one. The disease then remits for a period of time (statistically 2 years but everyone is different) and the person adjusts to their new set of symptoms, then an attack happens adding new symptoms or worsening existing ones.
The 3 things a person is trying to do when treating MS is 1) address the symptoms themselves; 2) reduce inflammation; and 3) treat the disease itself.

For the symptoms and inflammation, this is where food choices have come in for me. The 5 inflammatory foods, caffeine, alcohol, sugar (refined), dairy (except eggs), and red meat are the areas to cut down to ease the symptoms. I have eliminated caffeine and consume about 5-10% of my former intake on the rest. All of my food choices are conscious decisions to make eating enjoyable and not starvation or deprivation related.

As for the disease itself, I had a choice to make. I don’t have prescription coverage on my medical insurance because I can afford any short term drug I need and I completely and totally believe any long term use of medication is negligent practice on the part of the medical industry. Long term use of synthetic drugs chemically alters body and the side effects simply lead to the next drug, the next side effect, and the next drug. My choice was to spend a million dollars over the next 50 or so years on a synthetic alteration of my body that statistically would provide me UP TO a 40% chance of reducing the number of attacks I have, or find another way.

The math is plain as day. 50 years left in my life with 2 years between attacks meant I was looking at somewhere around 25 attacks that will leave behind some residual symptom. After a 2-10 year of trial and error selection of the best drug for me, I would then inject the various medications and have a chance of reducing that number of attacks to 15. That was the best case scenario. Any way I sliced it, in my future I was looking at having to cope with the uncertainty and residual fallout of at least 15 more MS attacks – all for the privilege of spending a million dollars on it.

Because I don’t have rx coverage, I knew I was going to have to spend money on something. I decided to spend the time doing the research to see if there was a better way. The doctors don’t tell me anything because eating an apple is outside of the treatment protocol. I found, after some time and digging, that MS can be reversed. There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of people out there who have greatly reduced their symptoms and attacks naturally by restoring the body as close as possible to their original genetic makeup. Many claim to have completely reversed it. I found none who reversed the disease by use of drugs. In fact, most who are on the drugs spend their time going to support groups believing the industry has a fix right around the corner.

I realize in my last post I omitted steps in the process that take place in the body chemically during the digestion of food. I also realize you can’t see most diseases by looking through a dark field microscope (though I have heard you can see some forms of cancer as the red blood cells have kind of a pacman shape to them). But, you can see the quality of your blood cells. You can see over 20 different conditions that are readily visible in the blood that can lead to larger problems. Thrombocyte aggregation, Chlyous, Spicules, Yeast, Fungal forms, I-form bacteria, Rod form bacteria, Sugar Crystals, Uric Acid Crystals, Protein Linkage, Rouleau, Erythrocyte Aggregation, Anisocytosis, Ovalocytes, Target Cells, Hemolysis, Plaque, Acanthocytes, Ecinocytes, and so on. When things like these are present in the bloodstream and can be visually seen through a dark field microscope, there is a disruption somewhere.

I agree you can’t see the disease through this analysis, but you can see the factors that might lead to a disease and take active steps to ensure these well known, documented anomalies in the blood are addressed in order to reduce the likelihood of either contracting a disease, or in my case, worsening it.

I don’t say this lightly…….in my opinion, it’s nothing short of negligence on the part of the health care industry to not make something like this well known so people have yet another tool to take a more active role in their own health care. Everyone knows eating apples and taking a walk is better than eating donuts and watching football. But people don’t do it. The statistics are overwhelming……2/3 of the United States is overweight and 1/3 are obese. 20% of kids still in their teens at risk for heart disease. Why? Because stock prices need increased sales to keep up, and food companies market taste and portion sizes over nutrition. They also manipulate the nutrition labels to maximize revenues and profits while selling marginally nutritional foods that digest poorly in a body that was designed a thousand years ago to exist on things readily available in nature.

If people saw their own blood and saw with their owns eyes all the crap that’s in there, in real time, for example saw a high presence of Hemolysis, they might take the time to ask themselves why their red blood cells are dying - and do something about it. Will every single person avoid a blood-borne illness as a result? Of course not. But are the odds better in that person’s favor?

Bottom line: we live in a “doctor, my stomach hurts fix me with a pill” society full of refined sugars manufactured into every imaginable way to consume it. This is the WORST possible combination and people get sick. The numbers clearly show we’re getting sicker too. I was one of genetically unlucky ones who got hurt by the consumption of highly refined and inflammatory foods, so instead of crying about it and looking to the doctor to give me a pill (or an injection), I made a decision to do something about it.

The body is an amazing blend of science and creation. Nobody knows what predisposes someone to MS anymore than they know what causes it to become active. But we do know one thing for certain………consuming the foods our bodies were designed to consume and exercising ensures the chemical balance in our bodies is the absolute best it can be. The rest is up to our body’s chemistry, the cells, and perhaps God.

Personally, if there’s anything I can do to continue improving the quality of my life, I’ll do it. And if that means screening my blood periodically as another check and balance to promote my overall good health, I’ll gladly do it.


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Mike, this blog is fantastic! I hope you are able to share your experiences as well as maybe connect with others and learn something new. Your approach is interesting and I am sure will benefit others going through the same thing you are.
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Beana said...

"Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail." :)