If not drugs, what's the fix?

The other day I was in the shower, again attempting to empty my bowels. I often don’t get to use the toilet for this because I get backed up and need the use of several fresh water enemas to get the waste out. I sometimes go 3 to 5 days without a discharge without the enemas. I have added a natural product called Super Cleanse which seems to be helping.

Anyway, I have begun to study my waste a little more than before and I have noticed it is always lumped up like horse pellets when I am constipated, and when I finally get it flowing, literally pounds come out. When this happens, the odor is unbearable and it is much more viscous. I thought to myself that because I am dehydrated yet retaining water (sounds like an oxymoron, but true), my cells are closed and not receptive to fully absorbing the water I drink, hence the urination problem. I also theorized that my body draws the moisture out of the waste and through the walls of the canal, and this leaching of the toxins, intended for elimination, back into the body becomes the catalyst for the disease itself.

MS is a demylination process caused by the body attacking the myelin sheath because it “thinks” it is a foreign substance with exactly the same DNA or genetic makeup as something it attacked in the past. The odds of some external virus causing this seem highly remote (perhaps in the billions) but the incidence of MS is 1 in about 700 people in the US. The odds don’t match up in my eyes.

However, if the body is drawing toxins in from the intestinal tract, that would seem to me the DNA matchup probability would be much higher. And if a person is susceptible to this disease, which I am, then that would seem the most logical place to correlate poor digestion to poor cellular function to dehydration/retention to the MS attack. I think it also might explain why when so many people get on a better diet they significantly reduce the number of attacks (or even eliminate them).

In the three years I have had symptoms, I only got a name for my problem in September 28th. Since eliminating coffee, exercising, taking enzymes, I have had all symptoms begin to minimize, except during periods of heavy detoxing. The only thing I am aware of that took place prior to 2004 when the symptoms began was from 2001 through last year, I developed a love affair with coffee. I used to drink a cup a month if that, but when I got my work deal in LA in 2001, for some reason I started drinking coffee like it was going out of style. I remember a lot of dehydration associated things, mostly fatigue related, and I know I didn’t drink anywhere near the water I should have. It was in this time period I got the heaviest I have ever been, lost all my will to exercise, and also began to get my symptoms.

Since getting off sugar and beginning exercising, I lost 70 pounds, but it has only been since consuming the enzymes and other metabolic supplements along with the juicing that I have noticed improvement in other areas.

How do I go about scientifically proving or disproving my hypothesis?

I decided to go with a natural approach. Initially, no meals for breakfast or dinner, and eating a reasonable lunch like a salad with lots of meat. Slowly bring the solid foods back in when I start eating the legs off of chairs.

The key to this is making your body as ENZYME RICH as you can and totally DIGEST the food sources to get it absorbed into the bloodstream with all waste eliminated asap. Raw foods are enzyme rich, cooked food (including pasteurized food) are enzyme dead. Pasteurized Orange juice is enzyme dead, as is milk. Enzymes are the difference, not necessarily vitamins or the like. Focus on enzymes and digestion.

Also, reduce the inflammatory foods including red meat, alcohol, caffeine, refined sugar and dairy (except eggs)

Morning juice (20-30 oz) any combination of:
Dark Grapes
Let's just say whatever you can find at the market........

Don’t juice bananas. If you want banana in there make the juice first then use a blender to mix in bananas.

Go easy on the lemons and grapefruits as the flavors will dominate the concoction and the acid is high. Otherwise, go whatever flavor. Peel all thick rinded fruits with a potato peeler, and wash the rest. My normal morning juice will be all the berries and grapes I can find, roughly 2 cups, 3 big oranges, ½ grapefruit, ½ small lemon, and honeydew and pear.

When reintroducing food, I add in water poached eggs on some turkey lunchmeat and Thomas wheat English muffins. Any whole grain bread is ok. Stay off the refined sugar breads.

Lunch: whatever. Just make a reasonably healthy food choice and consume digestive enzymes with it. No solid food past 2:00pm for awhile, then reintroduce solids.

Dinner: Vegetable juice consisting of
4 carrots
Apple (any kind, wash but don’t peel it) Beet (great for the liver) And whatever you can find of the following Celery Broccolli Ginger root Kale

Reintroduce solid food after a month or two eat healthy sensible food for dinner. Always take enzymes with all foods to help digest everything.

The enzymes and metabolic supplements I take are at http://www.enrichinggifts.com/ I take the metabolic complete, aloe, and sterolmax in addition to the enzymes. Runs about $200 a month, but I've found I don't actually spend much more on my food budget overall because many things have been eliminated.

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