Nov 07. Juice & Enzymes: Here goes nothing

I got my juicer on Wednesday and began immediately. Today is Tuesday night, and despite being in Seattle over the weekend and in Williams, AZ yesterday and today, here's my juice and meal regimen so far:

Water intake: Goal is 125 oz/day (1/2 my lbs body weight in oz). 6 of 7 days I have consumed 125oz +/- of water in addition to the juice. Today was a little short, about 90-100oz.

Supplements intake: all 5 products I have taken without fail according to the packaging, morning noon and night. As I learn more about MS it appears I will need to up some of the dosages on some of them and add in some more things, like fish oil, more vitamin D, and more vitamin B12.

Meals and Juicing so far:
Wednesday am: Jack in the Box meaty burrito and decaf (note: this is the breakfast I had for quite some time over the past year - approximately 40% of my breakfasts - as it has no sugar. I lost a lot of weight eating this and other sugarless meals).

Wed noon: I forget.....I think I didn't eat as I was quite busy that day. Bought the juicer mid day. Wed pm: 6 carrots, 2 apples, 2 celery stalks and 1/2 cup broccoli in the juicer. Made approximately 40oz.

Thursday am: 2 red apples, 1 granny smith, 1 orange, 1/2 cup cantaloupe, 3/4 cup purple seedless grapes. Yield approx 32 oz.

Thursday lunch: Whole foods, bought 2.5lbs of salad, tuna, chicken, you name it. I was afraid the juice wasn't going to be enough calories so I might have overdone this meal. I ended up eating roughly just under 2 lbs of the salad stuff at whole foods.

Thursday dinner: same as Wed.

Friday am: same as Thursday, added some cranberries

Friday noon: on the plane to Seattle, had crackers and peanuts. When we got to our cousins house at about 4pm, had cheese, wheat thins, canned albacore (full can and the crackers and cheese to go with it).

Friday pm: Found out our cousins in Seattle had an old juicer that doesn't work quite as well as mine, but did the job for temporary. Took it to dinner and made juice similar to the past 2 nights.

Sat am: fruit juice like all week, added some cranberries and grapefruit

Sat lunch: went to Ivars seafood in Edmonds. Had bowl of clam chowder and a walnut type salad with spinach and cheese, vinaigrette dressing.

Sat pm: this was the night of uncle Bob's funeral and there was no good food around. I ate crappy. I had some hot chocolate at the funeral first. At the wake, I had some pressed turkey from the catered buffet along with fresh fruit and vegetables and potatoes, but lost it at the cookie line. I think I had 6 or 8 oatmeal raisin cookies, and we then went out for drinks after, where I had 3 bloody mary's.

Sunday am: right back to the juice. this one was quite good as I took the fruits from the meal last night and juiced up all kinds of stuff.

Sunday noon: ate at Seattle airport on way home. Halibut, fries and clam chowder from Anderson's fish in the airport. The fish was very lightly tempura and really very good. Only had a handful of fries, and had about 16 oz of clam chowder.

Sunday pm: made up a 45 oz veggy mix at home.

Monday am: fruit juice, same as last week

Monday noon: we were going to the polar express in Williams, Az, so I had my vegetable juice at noon knowing I'd be eating in a mystery restaurant that night.

Monday pm: Below average buffet at Williams. Had cantaloupe, grapes and cherry tomatoes, but also had a bread roll, some turkey and potatoes. 1 plate, didn't overdo it, but the food wasn't what I'd call great - either in taste or nutrition.

Tuesday am: same restaurant had scrambled eggs (2), bacon (3), sausage (2), some orange juice, and similar fruit as last night.

Tuesday about 3:00 did a fruit juice mix at home

Tuesday pm about 7:30 did a veggie juice.

NOTES: Since juicing:
1) I have COMPLETELY lost my craving for coffee, either decaf or regular. Even when I smelled it in the room at the hotel when my mom had some I just didn't want it. Thought this was strange. The coffee maker is now put away and the juicer is out in its place.

2) Today my urine stinks like vegetables. I added some ginger root to the mix, not sure if that's it or if I didn't drink as much today. I wasn't able to drink as much during the day because I was flying back and I had to pee in the plane 3 times on a 1.5 hour flight as it was.

3) I have used plastic baggies with the dosed supplements and have taken them without missing any. Sometimes I feel like the pills haven't gone down very well and feels like a small lump in there. goes away fairly quick.

4) other than today, the urinary symptoms were mild. No bowel issues, minimal leg weakness. I would rate my symptoms overall as similar to when I was first getting the symptoms a couple of years ago and had no idea what I had. Today, urinary symptoms were tough to handle.

5) out of 21 meals in the past week, the plan is to juice 14 of them with 7 light lunches. I think I juiced 13 times out of 14 with 8 other meals. Of the other meals, 5 of 8 were reasonable.

6) I bought the Balch book "prescription for nutritional cures"

7) I have had several upper respiratory tract infections in the past 10 years. Bronchitis seems to be a recurring theme. I haven't been sick for about 3 years, but prior to that, I recall getting several "colds" about this time of year and being unable to shake them without eventually turning to the doctor and getting antibiotics because of the deep green colored mucus that gets trapped in there. This year I got it again, and I have been trying to use the juice and the supplements to knock it out. I had the standard green mucus as before, but this time it has changed color to white and light green on its own. I still have some residual cough, but so far I feel it's getting better and it seems to be a result of the juicing and supplements. If I am able to successfully eliminate the "cold", it will be the first time I can remember doing it without antibiotics. This will be a huge boost to the idea that I can do the same for my MS.

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