February 2008, a setback

I had to go to San Antonio in February to excavate and replace a 180 foot sewer line for a 10 unit apartment building we own there. My crew was in Texas at the time working on other properties, so it seemed a good time to go and get this done. The plumber I had hired to do this for me seemed to be in a little over his head.

I spent about 12 days or so in San Antonio on the project. I stayed with my crew in one of our other properties, and I took them out to Dinner every night at Hooters on San Pedro. Not sure why every night, but when you're that tired, decisions are tougher.

Breakfasts were my standard Jack in the Box Meaty Breakfast Burrito with Orange Juice and the arsenal of supplements. Lunch was usually a box lunch from a Mexican restaurant, and dinner was a salad at Hooters.

As the week progressed, I began feeling very confident in my healing. I was having fewer bathroom episodes, my legs felt stronger, and it seemed to be just a matter of time before I kicked the MS out the door. I dropped my guard.

At Hooters each night, I bought the crew a few beers and drank a local dark beer or two. Though I continued to consume the enzymes, my food choices for the 2 week period weren't the best. I started having accidents in bed again, had to pee constantly when I was on the tractor digging the sewer line, and the worst episode was coming home.

I said goodbye to my guys as they dropped me at the San Antonio airport. I did the normal ticket and secuity routine and headed for the airport bar for a beer. I felt I deserved it after a job well done and all my improvement in the symptoms. I had 2 dark beers at the airport, but in an abumdance of caution, went to the bathroom to empty out before I board the plane.

I sat about 15 rows from the rear where the bathroom was. People loaded their bags in the overhead and I sat there feeling good about returning home to see the family. I felt fine.

The doors closed and everyone was seated for departure. The plane pushed back from the gate, when suddenly I felt the slightest tingling urge to pee. I thought I was good, after all, I've been reducing the symptoms. I'm good.

The plane comes to rest at the runway entrance. My urge to go gets a little stronger. Nobody was sitting in the seat immediately next to me, but the people across the row in the 4 seat wide aircraft could see I was struggling.

We start the takeoff roll, and I feel myself having to pee as bad as any urge I've had. I put my hand on my jeans and pinched as hard as I could to stop it. The plane gains speed and leaves the ground as I lose control completely. In seconds urine was running down my legs and jeans, so I ran to the bathroom as quickly as I could despite the flight attendants' request to sit down.

The climb to 35,000 feet wasn't all that fun. I sat in the bathroom of a crammed airliner with my jeans down, trying to mop up whatever I could with the paper towels. My underwear was soaked like I had been swimming. Even my shoes were a little wet.

After some 20 minutes in the bathroom I returned to my seat. The cabin was dark so the pee stains didn't feel like they had a spotlight on them, but I was still damp in airline-water-diluted urine.

A flight attendant came by with several more paper towels and silently offered them to me, then opened the plastic garbage back to trade for the wet ones I was using to dab myself with.

Two and a half hours later we landed in LAX for my transfer to Las Vegas. Though still damp, I was at least able to walk off the plane without advertising to the world I had just spent the last portion of my life bathing in my own urine on an aircraft seat.

I eventually made it home and spent the next few days sleeping with a bed pad, dealing with a horrible increase in symptoms. I wondered if all the effort I spent in juicing and these supplements were doing anything. I thought about going back to Mayo and getting the injections started. I thought about a lot of things, not many of which were healthy.

I got back on the juice the next day, stopped drinking, and got back on the regimen that had been working. Within a few days things improved, but the presence of a rather severe Unrinary Tract Infection made it almost impossible to stop.

I tried a course of Colloidal Silver to use as a natural antibiotic, but it didn't work. My bladder infection was too strong. My urine was so cloudy and it stunk to high heaven.....or maybe a dead mule festering on a deserted highway in an Arizona summer. I had to finally go to the Urologist and get the cultures done. Turns out I had an E Coli infection which was causing the cloudy and foul smelling urine. I finally gave in to the urologist and took a week's worth of targeted antibiotics to knock out the E Coli.

I learned a valuable lesson in this.......the inflammatory foods stay inflammatory. Drinking dark beers for a week inflamed my condition.

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