November 2007: Results of the first Detox

Happy Thanksgiving and how you doing in all one swoop. Thought I'd also let you know what's been happening with me.

I've been good actually, with the exception of the past couple of weeks.

I was "officially" diagnosed with MS back on September 28, but I have been suspecting that was the problem since about March or April, and I've had my symptoms for about 3 years now.

Early this year, still not knowing what was wrong with me, going nuts, being incredibly overweight, and thinking that some radical surgery might be in my future, I began swimming at the Desert Breeze Pool (Durango and Spring Mountain). The goal was to get into the best shape I could so that I could recover from whatever surgery was coming my way.

Turns out I didn't need a surgery, and that I indeed had the MS. I ended up losing 65 pounds or thereabouts, and I'm now just below 250. I had played baseball at this weight, so this is pretty much where I belong. I'll probably lose a few more pounds over the next few months as I sculpt my body a little more. Yes, we still get to do that.

Anyway, part of my mission in life has been to find out if the doctors are right that MS is a lifetime disease that eventually takes away most of your freedoms, or if it is even possible to reduce or even eliminate the disease. I set out to find out if it was possible, and if so, how. I began to research things, using the internet and the bookstore and talking to people, and soon it became obvious to me that MS CAN be reversed.

Let me say it again.......MS CAN BE REVERSED.

The only thing that can repair the human body is the body itself; more specifically the immune system. Medications only treat symptoms, but do not address the underlying cause of a disease. There is no medication on the face of the earth that cures a human of any disease. Only the immune system can cure a person of anything.

The process is to detoxify the body and remove the poisons from it, then build the immune system up to a point where your metabolic intake and conversion eventually sends the calories you consume to the disease itself.

This is done by improving the digestion of food so that we can actually use the nutrients we consume to regenerate our cellular structure and eliminate toxic waste. To improve digestion, it takes a blend of making and consuming fresh fruit and vegetable juices (store bought juice has been pasteurized), supplements, and a good digestive enzyme that will aid in the process of breaking the food down.

Imagine you eat 100 calories of food you have to chew, say a salad. Did you know that the average person spends 70 of those calories in digestion itself? We then have only 30 calories to pump our heart, fill our lungs, see, walk, talk, etc. Add in that people with MS we spend still more calories on the disease, more on the areas where the MS has come out (i.e.
inflammation in the legs, bladder, etc.). If you spend 70 of every 100 calories just in digesting the food, is there any wonder it is difficult to turn it around?

Just imagine if 10 or 20 calories went to digestion, then 30 to 50 went to heart, lungs and body function. You'd still have enough left to fight infection and disease. This is why so many of us can fight colds but not disease. We're simply not metabolically enabled to do it unless we make that change in ourselves. And we all can do it.

I said above the process was to detox and digest. Add in supplements and exercise. I expect to be clear of my MS in 1-2 years. That said, there is a down side in the beginning. Anyone who has done a total body detox knows there are some major symptoms that come with it. Add MS to the mix, and you'll know why this comes with extra challenges. My MS symptoms include urinary and bowel issues and leg instability, among other things.

The detox symptoms have given me a headache (probably in part from caffeine withdrawal) like I have never before experienced, I have been running a fever of 103.5 degrees, and my urinary and bowel and leg reactions have been so bad that I haven't been able leave the house for almost 2 weeks. My legs felt like they were 300 pounds each and I couldn't get up the stairs.

The detox symptoms first came 2 Wednesdays ago and improved a little back and forth, but at times have been unbelievable. My head hurt so bad I thought I was going to have an aneurism. I had trouble walking, dressing, and had to have a bottle next to the couch because my urinary symptoms gave me 5 seconds warning which wasn't enough time to get to the bathroom.

But this is part of the process. I need to remove the poison from the cells and replace it with the nutrients I can use. And having MS, I have a lot of poison in all my organs, from my kidneys to my pancreas to my gall bladder to my liver. Once I get through this initial process, I'll be ok and on the road to recovering from the so called "life sentence" disease.

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