December 2004: How MS started for me

Around Christmas of 2004, I remember sitting down on the toilet for a normal nature call. I emptied my bowel, wiped and flushed, and walked away as normal. Within a minute or two, I realized I hadn't emptied my bladder, so I returned to the restroom to do that. I didn't think much of it at the time, but when it happened again, and then a third time, I began to wonder if that was normal.

I was fortunate and didn't have any pain. The only symptom that showed up initially was this strange process of not being able to empty the bowel and bladder on a trip to the bathroom.

As the winter turned to spring of 2005, I began having what seemed to be the typical prostate symptoms associated with men my age, and urinary frequency and urgency became the norm. I also began to have accidents and ended up having way too many situations where I had to go home to shower in the middle of the day. Accidents included urine and stool.

Soon my legs joined the party and I began to stumble alot, and I fell quite a bit too.

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