January 2008, making some progress

I wanted to let you know some updates on how things have been for me. I think I told you I was going to address my MS naturally instead of going the pharmaceutical route. I got my "official" letter from Mayo Clinic a few weeks back with all my tests, reports and diagnosis, and as I read through it I can't believe that was me. The doctor's reports and tests are all so much a part of me because I know I went through them, but who I am now, these reports just seem like they were written for someone else.

Since detoxing by juicing and taking the enzymes and other vitamins etc., plus eliminating caffeine, reducing sugar and alcohol and other inflammatory foods like red meat and dairy, I think I have the picture sorted out. And it's paying off.

As you know, MS people have 3 things to address:
1) The disease itself
2) Inflammation
3) Symptoms showing up from the MS

1) The MS itself is leaving me and I can tell by the symptoms beginning to reduce. Obviously I'll have to wait a year to prove that, but that's ok.
It's exciting for now to just feel it just going away little by little.

2) My inflammation is next to nothing. Getting rid of foods and drink that causes inflammation is the #1 thing I did. I absolutely stopped drinking coffee and believe it or not, I have more energy now as a result of juicing instead. I always wanted to sit in front of the TV by
5 or 6pm because I was tired, and I'm up now like a normal person. I also have reduced my chronic dry eyes to where I seldom use eye drops (I was using them all day long). This is a huge indicator that my body, which was retaining water yet was dehydrated, is now better absorbing and accepting water.

3) As for the symptoms, I have reduced my bathroom emergencies from 20 a day to around 3 or 4. I sleep through the night now about 3 or 4 days a week instead of waking up 3 or 4 times to pee. I haven't fallen in a couple of months, my legs are only a little stiff in the morning or if I sit in a chair too long, and I actually had to run for a plane a few weeks ago. It wasn't until I was in the thing that I realized I was almost coordinated again. As for my backside, I can actually feel that I have to move a bowel about once or twice a week now, instead of having no clue (this was one of my larger symptoms that led to a lot of lousy accidents). These are clear pieces of evidence that the symptoms are subsiding. My urine is cloudy and horrible smelling from the ongoing detox and my bowel waste is very dark, which are also indicators of parasites and toxins leaving.

I am back to the pool now the holidays are over (it was closed for a couple weeks). I worked out at the gym in my house a few times during the break, but not as hard as I swim. I swam today and I feel strong and in shape, but I was a little slower than usual. No problem, though...I'll pick it up.

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